Wolverton Mastery Learning

Accessing Wolverton is as easy as attending an event at ski areas that embrace the Wolverton Mastery Learning (WML) system.

Snow travel teaching/learning systems have existed since the invention of the ski. What began as a tool for hunting and survival evolved into a tool for recreation and survival of the day to day stresses of “real life”.

WML is the result of 40 years of research into the art of lifestyle enhancement on skis.

Here are some of the systems WML coaches use to deliver universal techniques:

-Diminishing Length Method (DLM). Start with long skis and steep slopes, everything will seem easy after that.

-Graduated Length Method (GLM). Start with really short skis.

-Professional Ski Instructors of America’s American Teaching System (ATS). Match instructor teaching styles with student learning styles to enhance the skiing skills of pressure, edging and turning while in dynamic balance.

-Accelerated LaTool Teaching Method (ALTM). The pros from Nose Cone Mountain tout the importance of vectors, faith healing to cure ski technical problems, skiing behind the book, instant parallel and the use of psychic powers in ski racing.

-R Skool: Friends teaching friends to ski like friends.

-Festival With Responsibility (FWR). Founded in humanistic perceptual psychology, FWR is student centered and helps discover the intrinsic motivations to higher goals.

2025 Calendar

Looking forward to dropping a knee with ya!

The 38th TELE Festival

Ski Santa Fe – Santa Fe, New Mexico
January 25th & 26th, 2025